The Spiral Path

is about


going inward,

toward your source of power.

The straight and narrow path doesn’t really exist. Even airline pilots are off course 95 percent of the time, but they continue to check in, adjust, and end up exactly at their desired location.

In this fast-paced world, it can become increasingly difficult to find time to check in.

  • How well does your life path hold up to the vision you have?
  • Do you ever feel you are too far “off course?”
  • When you work to make adjustments in your path, have you ever over-corrected and found yourself lost? Or back where you started?

As we travel the spiral path of life, some of us are focused most on the upper dimensions, or the spiritual realm. Some of us are firmly rooted in the material plane and have more worldly concerns. Most of us have a blend of both.

Whatever road you have chosen, it is virtually guaranteed that you will hit roadblocks. Obstacles can keep life interesting, but they can also grow beyond simple diversions to become full-blown crises.

When this happens, it can be helpful to ask for help. An obstacle or problem may be anything that is keeping you from reaching your desired goal or destination.


We work in both group and individual settings. Some of the tools for transformation we utilize are:

  Breathwork sessions

  All addictions 12-step philosophy and meetings

  Mandala workshops

We are a group of people that you could say “trained in the fire.” We have experienced our own personal challenges, but with training, the help of teachers and community, we learned strategies and processes to deal with obstacles as they arise. Along the way we gained compassion for ourselves, and for others working through their own roadblocks. Our goal is to create an environment that gives you the space, time and safety required to undertake this life-changing work.

Our founders and facilitators have been trained in both depth psychology and spirituality known as psycho-spiritual practices, we also utilize contemporary shamanic practices. Shamanism is not something unusual or foreign. It is about seeing the earth as sacred and your life’s evolution as sacred, no matter the past or current circumstances.

We welcome you on your journey of psychological and spiritual healing and growth!


The spiral is the most natural of paths, in fact nature never creates in a straight line. ~ Lesley Jackson