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a proven songwriter and vocalist; Stephanie is a passionate performer with a presence and spirit that is infectious. Her  tapestry of music combines her life experiences and the sounds that influenced her soul. From country rock to latin blues-pop, she has created a style all her own.  We get the distinct pleasure of welcoming her to Kansas City at the Journey Home Retreat.


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Take a Walk and Change Your Life


Imagine yourself walking up to your fears and seeing them as the illusions they are.

  • Have you ever been afraid that a goal was too far out of your reach?
  • Have you ever started something but given up because it was too frightening?
  • Have you been given opportunities that you didn’t act on out of fear?
  • Do you want to do more in your life but can’t seem to make yourself move?

By consciously conquering your fears through firewalking you’ll come out a stronger person.

With firewalking you get to experience yourself taking action in spite of fears, and having the energy necessary to meet your goals and challenges. When you firewalk you do a lot more than just walk on hot coals, you build the mind body connection that demonstrates how your thoughts impact everything else in your life.

After walking on fire and not getting burned, or seeing others walk on fire without injury your mind settles into a state of comfort and confidence. Walking on fire with comfort and confidence changes the chemical conditions within your body and provides you with unforgettable visual images to change your beliefs. This shifts your energy around fear.

After a firewalk your fears shrink so much you wonder what you were afraid of before. You get to experience yourself taking action in spite of your fears. You’ll feel so totally focused, centered, and strong that you are unstoppable

There’s a reason that Tony Robbins has been leading firewalks since the mid 80’s and now charges over $1000 to attend one of his firewalking seminars. Because of the effectiveness and speed of changes that people make in their lives, changes like;

  • Empowerment ~ Knowing that you can do something that has always seemed impossible is hugely empowering. Trust me. And come find out for yourself.
  • Courage ~ Feel the fear and do it anyway suddenly doesn’t seem like a platitude anymore. You have your own personal experience with walking through real fear and succeeding this builds courage!
  • Vitality ~ We build the energy to meet the obstacle. When the obstacle is fire we build a lot of energy. This creates a burst of energy and vitality that you can take with you into your everyday life.
  • Connection ~ It is a great bonding experience, families have come and firewalked together and changed their relationships dramatically, the bond of walking on fire with someone is a special and lasting bond.
  • Restructuring Subconscious Beliefs ~ Subconscious beliefs are hard to shift, yet they run 90% of our decisions in life. This experience creates a powerful positive shift to thoughts and beliefs we don’t even know we hold.
  • Physical Healing ~ Firewalking has been around for thousands of years and the primary use has been for personal healing or for the healer to build the energy that he then passes into the ailing person. Those experiences still happen today.
  • Expansion of Possibilities ~ Doing something that is inexplicable and seemed impossible until you did it can’t help but open your mind to what else might be available to you. The great part is you don’t have to walk on fire to have the experience of expanded possibilities, just being there and witnessing others doing it is enough to have this effect.
  • Rites of Passage ~ Our society had stopped marking important shifts in our lives. But marking a major change in your life with a trial, or self-test like firewalk, even if it is a sad trial such as divorce, you can shift the meaning and give it more purpose in your life.

Everyone’s experience is unique, there are many ways to experience a firewalk. I hope I’ve covered enough of the experience to give you an idea whether firewalking is for you.

We at Sacred Spirals have dreamed up an opportunity for you to experience firewalk here in Kansas City. November 6th 2015 at 7:00pm we are presenting an evening of firewalk and live concert!

We are bringing  Stephanie Urbina Jones in from Nashville! She is a hit songwriter with a fantastic smoky voice, devastating good looks and a refreshing lack of music orthodoxy. Her newest CD is aptly titled “Fiery Angel” and she states that the music is about her own baptism by fire.

Fueled by her difficult times she wrote though it all and came back with her heart singing, rising like a phoenix out of the ashes, living a more meaningful, grounded, and grateful life than ever before.

She is going to start the evening off playing for us and getting us energized and inspired through her musical journey before she turns us over to Jeremy Pajer, the very gifted spiritual teacher who will be leading us thought our firewalk ceremony.

JeremyJeremy brings us his love of Native American Ceremony, Toltec wisdom and shamanic practices by pouring sweat lodges, teaching workshops and guiding firewalk ceremonies. He has dedicated his life to spiritual growth and the healing arts. Jeremy is truly a master of transformation and a gifted spiritual leader. We are thrilled to be bringing these two amazing individuals from Nashville to the greater Kansas City area to experience a one of a kind event.

Tickets are available for $175.00 for the entire night.

The Journey Home Retreat Center 18993 SE 65th Road, Dearborn, MO 64439

Doors open at 6:30pm. Light refreshments and beverages will be served.

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If you have questions I have a short FAQ below that should answer the most common firewalk questions. If you have any other questions, please go to the contact us page on this website and send us an email. We will get back to you with answers to your questions as soon as possible.

Firewalk FAQ.

Is it real fire? Yes. The coals from the wood measure between 1200 and 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is there danger involved? Yes. Ceremonial initiations often include danger. This is what makes them rites of passage. When you are not sure that you have what it takes to get through a trying time, you are experiencing a rite of passage. There is always danger. Even if it is the danger of making a decision that you will later regret. But it is in walking through these dangers that we become empowered.

Do I have to walk if I attend? No. While we do not allow spectators to come just to watch, we do not make anyone walk. You never know whether you will walk until you are standing in front of the fire. Some days the ‘window’ opens and you walk, other times you are a witness to the event. There is always a shift of perception and a new awareness whether you walk across the coals or not.

How many times can I walk? It varies, depending on the number of people in attendance and the amount of time. But as long as the fire keepers keep the fire open you may get back in line and walk again.

Sept. 29 Radio Interview with Spirit Seeker Blog Radio!

Tune in to Spirit Seeker blog radio Wed., Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. CST to hear Lesley and Nancy talk about the Nov. 6 – 8 Journey Home Weekend Retreat.

Cynde Myer, the publisher of Spirit Seeker magazine, will man the mics on the 29th. Spirit Seeker is the largest circulation publication in the Midwest devoted to spirituality and consciousness.

Click to listen: Sept. 29 radio interview about November Firewalk-Breathwork-Concert weekend by Sacred Spirals!

We hope to see you Nov. 6 – 8 at the Journey Home Weekend Retreat!

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Journey Home Weekend Retreat

Ever feel like something you wanted to do was impossible, or felt limited by the circumstances of your life? We all have things to face in life that feel bigger than we are. It may be the idea of the uncertain future that we’re not sure we are ready to face. Other times we are struggling with real and pressing trials that are wearing us down.

There are many ways that life stops us, wears us down, and saps our energy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have as many ways to build our energy back, and to know that we can meet those trials with certainty, energy, and free from fear?

What if you could experience that you’re capable of doing the impossible, raising your energy and having the feeling of your fears shrinking from mountains to molehills? Breakthrough your limitations and realize all that you are capable of.

This Firewalk, Breathwork weekend kicks off with a live concert and winds down with a sacred Sweat Lodge ceremony. This is a powerful weekend designed to do more than inspire, it is designed to transform our lives and our relationship to our power and potential.

Space is very limited so sign up now!


Space for the Breathwork and Sweat Lodge ceremonies are extremely limited…

 There are three ways to attend

1)  You can come Friday only…

for the live concert and the Firewalk event. The concert features the incomparable Stephanie Urbina Jones who was just honored with an awared for writing one of Country music’s top charting songs “My Baby’s Got A Smile On Her Face”. Her style of music is fun, lively and inspirational. The Firewalk will be led by her gifted husband who has been leading healing ceremonies and studying the ways of the Lakota and Toltec wisdom teachings for many years. This is an extremely rare opportunity to breakthrough the limitations of your mind, and walk on fire in a life changing event…

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Friday night Concert and Firewalk:




2)  You can participate in all the events and stay at one of the nearby hotels, we have arranged a special rate for the event.

You have access to the live concert and firewalk on Friday night then return Saturday morning for a full day of Shamanic Breathwork journeying. This is a form of conscious breathing that is activating, energizing, and inspiring. It allows the journeyer access to multiple “other states of consciousness” in what could be called a conversation witht he soul. We often come out of these states with information and energy that was unavailable to us without accessing these other levels of consciousness. We wrap up the day with a Sweat Lodge ceremony led by Jeremy. This ceremony is a time and space of spiritual refuge, mental, and physical healing. It is a place to get guidance from spiritual entities, totem helpers, and Creator. Mother Earth assists participants to gain needed wisdom and power. Whether you choose to enter the lodge or not, the ceremony will bring powerful healing to everyone nearby.

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All Weekend Events:



3)  You can participate in all the events and stay on site at the retreat center, in dorm style rooms, with all meals provided.

You have access to the live concert and Firewalk on Friday night, the Shamanic Breathwork and Sweat lodge ceremonies on Saturday, and the closing ceremony on Sunday morning. You can relax into the space and allow your spirit to open fully to the healing that is available to you, relaxing in the knowledge that you do not have to drive in an altered state of consciousness that and ONE of these four powerful ceremonies will initiate.

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Full Weekend with Accommodations: