Spiral Path


The road the psyche travels towards full consciousness is mapped, though not in a way most of us might expect. Although a clearly delineated path from point A to point Z may be our preference, more often our human experience follows a spiral one instead. This winding journey can leave us bewildered, even blind-sided as to how we arrive repeatedly in similar situations, or wondering why we can’t stay on the straight and narrow.

Breathwork is a facilitated process that allows the breather to safely journey with music into a very different state, all while lying or sitting in a sacred space.  Breathwork also incorporates a blend of psychological and spiritual principles that help us understand the journey our psyche has mapped out for us. It helps us tap into our own wisdom, our inner healer. It provides a glimpse into the process of growth, change, and yes, even those annoying, desperate “stuck” places we may be experiencing.  Most importantly, Breathwork gives us hope, because we learn that the spiral path we are on has definite markers we can learn to recognize. As any well-traveled soul knows, these markers are meant as guideposts, pointing us toward the next right step we need to take.

This Breathwork process can offer clarity, grace, peace and understanding. Its greatest gift, however, may be gentle patience for ourselves as we move, not from point A to point Z, but on an ever-ascending spiral towards greater consciousness.


We are a group of trained Master Breathwork Facilitators committed to sharing our gifts and the tools that enabled us to make significant and lasting changes in our own lives. We have each applied these well-earned lessons to our personal relationships and to our relationships with addictive processes and substances. We are dedicated to sharing resources and the spiral path map to help others navigate shifts, either momentous or subtle, in their lives. We act as guides along the spiral journey that each psyche takes toward consciousness. You can learn more about who we are here.


We as facilitators hold safe and sacred space, and provide the map and markers, which we call the Five Cycles of Change, for you to proceed along your personal journey of finding your higher spiritual self. Come join us! Learn how to consciously use these Cycles of Change along the Spiral Path to make the positive shifts you want in your life.

Breathwork  is the path of direct experience. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has said, “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” We may know how to pray, meditate, be spiritual, sometimes even to the point of dissociating  from our current predicaments. It is the human experience that confounds us.

Some of us may wonder where we were when the manual on how to be human was passed out! The Breathwork process offers us a guide to become fully embodied as humans so we can equally receive and enjoy our higher spiritual selves. When we allow the spiritual soul to fully inform our human world, it creates a personal response to a collective need. In other words, when we do our personal healing we create room for uncounted others to walk through that same doorway toward healing. We are able to bring  divine delight into our personal human relationships and  passion into our journey that becomes our sacred purpose.

The Breathwork process galvanizes the flow of energy throughout our system enabling us to manifest more rapidly and dynamically. It can bring clarity, empowerment and a discovery of personal purpose along with a recognition of one’s wounds. Through this process our spiritual growth can then move along two simultaneous paths; engaging in practices that connect us to the divine flow while cleaning up the very human thoughts and outmoded emotional patterns brought to light and intensified by the Breathwork.

YellowShellThe Fibonacci Spiral is a mathematical concept of quantum physics explaining why Nature, in the evolution of life, never produces straight lines, but an endless array of curves and spirals.