Twelve Steps for Recovery and Discovery – Preamble

The human recovery process is grounded in the traditions and principles of all 12-step fellowships. Our intention is to create a bridge that incorporates the roots of the 12-step philosophy and expands to embrace new consciousness. It describes walking the inner healer path with daily awareness of our recovery on all levels, and discovering our own unique, lived expression of recovery. To recover from addiction we must be willing to open to the great mystery that we have experienced as a void.

We have tried to fill the void with all manner of substances and obsessive behavior. Knowing we are not alone, we find that what we thought was a frightening plunge into the void transforms, through surrender, to a dance with the mystery. Obsession alchemically transforms into passion, and the dance with our inner higher power becomes a union with the Divine. By facing and embracing the darkness we sought to avoid, we come home to ourselves.

This new recovery fellowship intends to deal with the whole spectrum of addictions and compulsions, and simultaneously access the inner healer.

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